Fashion Photo shoot with Gracie

Red Tipped Blossom scarf and white Spring bag © design and photography Teresa Neal
Red Tipped Blossom Scarf and White Spring Clutch

My assistant, Will and I arrived at Eastbourne station at 6 PM for the photo shoot with Brighton based model Gracie. After picking up the flaming redhead we headed for the Western Lawns a beauty spot near the RNLI Museum near the seafront.

The task at hand was to show my ethically made accessories manufactured by the socially conscious fashion company Vida based in San-Francisco, to their best advantage. All of the products feature my original artwork made using beautiful, materials. The scarves are made from modal a sheer, soft material that is like silk and is naturally sourced from the European Beechwood tree. Scarves add an element of glamour and mystery to any outfit and suit all ages. The versatile clutch bags are made from cotton canvas with detachable straps made from cow leather.

Overall, I was aiming for a fresh, natural glamour and decided on five locations in the area, each with a slightly different mood. 

We began the shoot by taking advantage of a silver vintage American style food truck with its retro look and gleaming lines. Gracie’s minimalist style in relation to the accessories provides contrast, creating a strong look. She is wearing Disco Tech clutch bag Crossbody style and Multi-Purple scarf worn loosely tied to the clutch bag for added panache. 

Multi purple scarf styled with Disco Tech bag ©Teresa Neal photography

We continued to the boardwalk and went on to capture some shots of Gracie in situ. The image features Razzor scarf coupled with the matching Femme bag.

Razzor scarf & Femme bag © design & photography Teresa Neal

In this shot, Razzor is worn as a classic headscarf reminiscent of vintage glamour Isadora Duncan style.

Razzor modal scarf design/image/photography ©Teresa Neal
Gracie floats Poison Fox scarf in the sea breeze.

Poison Fox scarf design and photography ©Teresa Neal

We moved on to the Western Lawns a lovely part of the town next to the beautiful deserted beach at low tide that gives a faraway windswept look. Gracie wears the Red Tipped Blossom scarf knotted with White Blossom clutch bag.

Red Tipped Blossom scarf © design and photography Teresa Neal

As the shoot drew to a close and the sun was setting I decided to make the most of our model’s Pre-Raphaelite leanings and opted for a natural romantic look to accentuate Light Fantastic scarf and the matching Purple Sun Cloud bag. 

scarf and bag ©Teresa Neal photography ©Teresa Neal

Fashion hacks are a great way to increase wearability and we had fun experimenting with the different ways that the scarves can be worn. However, there are many other style variations which can be achieved with scarves such as square scarves styled as halter tops or sack bags like the one seen below.

Purple Haze scarf as bag © design and photography Teresa Nea

The scarves can also be worn as: a knotted bow, a turban, a headband, a belt,  as a sarong,  or a necktie. The possibilities only end with your imagination.

All the items in this blog are available from the shop.

Model: Gracie Goldsworth// Photography/design Teresa Neal// Location Eastbourne seafront, England.

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Art as Fashion

Fashion scarf - Red Tipped Blossom Photography ©Teresa Neal

Art as Ethical Fashion

My partnership with the socially conscious fashion label ShopVida began a year ago when I decided to pursue a long-held desire to print some of my favourite photographic images onto textiles. I began with the design Light Fantastic which is a photograph taken while walking in Friston Forest East Sussex in the spring of 2008. I decide to have it made into a 100% modal scarf in order to show off the artwork. The scarf was a present for my mother who loved its sheer floaty quality not to mention the design. 

Poison Fox Modal Scarf photography/design ©Teresa Neal
Poison Fox Modal Scarf

Modal is a type of viscose/rayon made from beech trees specifically the  European Schneider Zelkova tree and is both soft and hard wearing.

I chose to work with ShopVida because of their commitment to ethical production and their sustainable business model; they provide both a living wage for their workers and a basic education in English and Maths in countries where education is not available to everyone this is especially beneficial to women in countries where they have low status and restricted access to education and other opportunities.  By using POD (print on demand) textile waste is decreased.

White Spring Clutch photography/design ©Teresa Neal Image credit Teresa neal
White Spring Clutch

I hold some items in stock which are available from the shop. However if I don’t have what you want I can order the item for you or you can order directly from my Vida Collection, the Light Forest dolman sleeved top is available from ShopVida. In stock items take 3-14 days to arrive others take approximately six-eight weeks, items ordered from Vida occasionally offer free US shipping.

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Vida means life learn more about their partnership with makers and designers here.

Flowing dolman style top with light forest print.© Teresa Neal Photographer
Light Forest Dolman Sleeved Top
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